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To mask or not mask?

These days there is a lot of confusion  about should you wear a mask or not wear a mask? The people who don't wear a mask look at people who do like their from another planet! I have gotten more waves from people in public these days by wearing a mask than being in a wheelchair. I usually generate waves from people because I'm in a wheelchair but now wearing a mask has overtaken the number of waves from people because of the mark! It's your choice but I choose to wear a mask not to draw attention to me but to keep myself  safe along with my family and friends what ever be safe!
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Adventures in the community from the perspective of a person with a disability!

The adventures of a disabled person is not the average adventure most people encounter. Able bodied people can just go anywhere on a whim grab the keys and go! On the other hand people with a disability want to go somewhere just grab the keys and go right? Wrong! Intensive planning goes into  each decision! Where I am I going to park? What things do I need to bring like a towel to wipe up or a special cup if needed? What about wheelchair access to a business or reasonable bathroom dimensions for a wheelchair?  Throwing in other factors in the Covid-19 era even if the bathroom is open or people are wearing or not wearing masks and being socially responsible?

Who wants to see a movie at a theater?

Now that the movie theatres are opening up soon(actually one in downtown Loveland already is) who wants to go see a movie? All right who wants to see a movie from this decade? How about Goonies or Wonder Woman or the first Harry Potter? Although these may be acceptable to some how about something from this decade even though theatres are trying to get up to speed with everybody else in business Hollywood apparently doesn't want any snap decisions in releasing any new movies any time soon instead of blockbuster summer movies how about blockbuster late summer or early fall movies! Or you can be like Disney dragging out classics from the vault and remake them with real people Hmmm well anyway see you at the movies depending on your mood!

A Crazy Year in Sports (dictated by you know what!)

what a crazy year in the sports world. This will be the first time where we have the winter and summer Olympics on in the same year! Not to mention this is also the year for half seasons! In Ice hockey, basketball neither got to finish and baseball never got to start their season! Will their be a champion in any of these sports? Who knows! To satisfy your sports itch you may have to watch past games of your favorite team or there are some great sports movies out such as Miracle on Ice, The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, Hoosiers or Major Leagues and A League of their Own but just remember " There is no crying in baseball!"

Comic Relief in the Coronavirus era!

They say laughter is the best medicine it is but especially now during thr Corona virus Pandemic!Instead of watching the news you can look up some of your favorite comedians! Can't think of any? I suggest Josh Blue, Zach Anner, Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler or Conan O'Brian plus many others! We have a need for them as much as doctors and nurses because laughter takes you away from all the bad stuff happening today!    Even if the number of cases are going down there will always be a need for comedy! Remember to laugh some everyday your body will thank you!

Corona Virus stories continued

Corona virus movies. What is your favorite movie to watch while being holed up during the Corona virus Pandemic? My family favorite movies were World War Z and the Walking Dead! The reason I liked them because it fit the hysteria of the moment we are living in! The Walking Dead because for many of the same reasons! So if you are also big Zombie fans these are the movies for you!  Happy viewing!

Life during the Apocalypse (AKA the Novel Corona virus Pandemic)

Hello fans and friends out there this is Zach Wood owner and creator of ZLW Books and the Disability Gang coming to live from lovely Loveland, Colorado! Everyday from now until whenever I will bring you great tales of adventure and information vital to your world right now!(jk) Here goes nothing! Today I frequented three local small businesses that continue to chug away despite the uphill conditions these days! First the Coffee Tree in town to get my favorite drink the Velveteen Rabbit and then to the Tortilla Factory for some great homemade Mexican  food and then to Head Zeppelin for a great haircut from our man Bill!