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Coach Christian

Starting this week on Wednesday, November 8, I will be helping with the boys basketball team. My job is to assist the coach. Some of the things I will be doing is making sure the game clipboard is close by the coach, also I will be cheering on the team. I'm exciting to be a part of the middle school basketball team.


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An adventure at the Boxton skating rink!

A special installment of the Disabilities Gang stories
Emily decided that the Disabilities Gang should go ice skating! They have a skating rink set up in the Boxton town square for the holidays. After bundling up in coats, gloves, and hats they all head downtown.
Abby and JT rent skates but Carlos needs something special. The rink has a sled ski that he can sit on while an attendant pushes him on the ice. Since Emily is an expert on the ice she takes Abby by the hand and leads her onto the ice. JT races after them.
Their parents watched from the sidelines while sitting by the nice warm fire.
After skating around the rink for a while—JT fell down twice—the gang headed to Carlos's house and had hot chocolate. They watched some of the video their parents took of them skating.
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Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone!

Zach here letting you know about my exciting new blog! If you've read my latest book, A Field Trip to Remember, you know that I co-wrote this one with my friend Christian Sanchez. Christian has moved on to middle school where he is the Assistant Basketball coach! Come back each week or so for stories from Christian about his coaching and other middle school fun.

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